steorrah websiteSteorrah [ˈsteoɹɹa] noun, m.
Old English Star. A Progressive Death Metal band from Bonn/Siegen,

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"A rewarding album that manages not to lose its emotional impact in its detailed songwriting."
Dayal Patterson
(Cult Never Dies, Metal Hammer,
Record Collector)

"Journeys into inauspicious soundscapes"
Metal Hammer (D)

“Like a powerful plough through the deep mire of despair"
10/10, Deaf Forever Magazine

“A true cornucopia of emotions, musical cabinet pieces and rhythmical extravaganza.“
7.5/10, Rock Hard Magazine (D)

"A clear thumbs up for this nostalgic group with the prospect of a future in which they may gain genre defining character."
11/15, Legacy Magazine

A sure sign of maturity is detected in acknowledging the roots of metal as well as other highly regarded genres, for STEORRAH gave a real-life demonstration how the Jazz can actually be the cherry on the Metal pie.“

“The album sounds fantastic. And it is for sure – heavy, organic and warm.“

"A truly musical challenge we can recommend to every adventurous metal fan."

“If you’re looking for strong progressive death metal that takes a nod to the classics, then this record will definitely put an inky black smile on your face.“


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