“The Altstadt Abyss” is out Friday, 16th November.
Order your copy on bandcamp.
Next live gigs:
Sa, 17.11.18 | Düsseldorf (D) | Disctrict 6
Sa, 1.12.18 | Stuttgart (D) | Jugendhaus Sillenbuch
Sa, 12.1.19 | Darmstadt (D) | Goldene Krone

“Steorrah return in full force [… ] with ‘The Altstadt Abyss’. This third album builds on the solid progressive death metal foundation already in place by adding more twists and turns and even more melody. […] Still heavy as fuck and as unpredictable as ever. What if Edge of Sanity jammed with Vulture Industries? Wonder no more.”

-Progman Rob Pociluk, Progressive Music Planet


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