An eroticism in murder

Our 2010 debut album. It started as a field test for a new home studio in Malte Klein’s attic in Siegen, Germany before the album had been entirely written and before there was a line-up. Just the founding members Andreas März and Christian Schmidt, producer Malte Klein and a few instruments and microphones. During the recording process, Nicolao Dos Santos joined in and with the recruitment of bassist Till Ottinger just before the rehearsals for the release party, what had been just a recording project was now a band of sorts. After a release show and a string of more or less local gigs, Steorrah finished this chapter with an evening slot at sold out Cologne Metal Festival. The album received praise throughout the European metal media and got airplay on US college radio as well as rock and metal stations in Europe and South America.

Andreas März – vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, session bass

Nicolao Dos Santos – guitars & backing vocals

Christian Schmidt – drums & piano

additional spoken word performance by James Vargas

additional guitar recordings at Water Lane Studio, London

artwork by Andreas März

photography by Andreas März & Julia Hiltscher

produced, mixed & mastered by Malte Klein

released by Sleepcastrecords / Twilight in 2010.