ii: thin white paint

Steorrah’s sophomore II: Thin White Paint was painfully long in the making. Between forced recording breaks due to personal issues, bassist Till Ottinger leaving mid-production and the entire band graduating college at the time, finances might just have been the final nail in the album’s proverbial coffin.

After an otherwise successful campaign to crowdfund the album (starting in 2012 when that was not a thing yet for metal bands…that trend has gone by quickly, hasn’t it?), Steorrah where not only an early adapter among their peers but also victim to one the early scandals of music crowdfunding. Basically the platform Sellaband left Steorrah in the rain, owing the band cash tu the tune of over 2,500€. And we were among the fortunate ones on Sellaband’s roster. What turned the tide for the band was new found record label Bret Hard, massive support from the metal scene through social media campaigns and especially the mighty Wacken foundation. Those good spirits up north certainly deserve some credit.

The album received overwhelming acclaim from magazines and fans and saw the band play numerous shows with new bass guru Raoul Zillani and even play more festivals in Germany, Czech Republic and a brief but legendary club tour through the UK.

Andreas März – vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, e-bows, stylophone

Nicolao Dos Santos – electric & acoustic guitars, backing vocals, melotron

Christian Schmidt – drums & piano

Till Ottinger – electric & upright bass

additional backing vocals by Michael Haas

produced by Nicolao Dos Santos & Andreas März

engineered & mixed by Michael “Freio” Haas at Big Easy Studio

mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound

artwork by Louis Janmot

fotography by Phil Bade, Julia Hiltscher & David Porschen

supported by Wacken Foundation

released by Bret Hard Records / DA PALLAS 2015