The Altstadt Abyss is the third studio album by Steorrah was produced by Andreas März. It was engineered and mixed by Michael Haas at Big Easy Studio in Hove, with Roman Beilharz taking care of mastering at UVA Sonar in Kassel. Drums were engineered with the kind help of Sebastian Weide. The band photograph was taken by David Porschen/Dreaming Pixel. Not only is it the band’s most meticulous production to date, but also it presents the band as a more matured songwriting unit; containing musical material written and arranged by all members of the band, therefore further defining Steorrah’s niche in both, death metal and progressive metal.

Centered around a dystopian image of a darker, bizarre parallel world behind our cities, certainly the album’s atmosphere portrays Steorrah at their grimmest, as well as on top of their game. The album was released on 16th November 2018 by Fastball Music and published by Sentric Music.

Andreas März | lead vocals | electric & acoustic guitars | e-bow
Nicolao Dos Santos | electric & classical guitars | backing vocals
Raoul Zillani | electric bass | backing vocals
Christian Schmidt | drums | percussion | piano

Kevin Olasz | guest guitar solo on “The Altstadt Abyss”
Mike Kerpers | Sitar on “Where my Vessel Dwells”

What the media says:

“Every fan of ecclectic death metal needs to have this on their radar!”

Michael Kohsiek/Deaf Forever (D)

“Steorrah remain an experimental and exceptional band, especially considering the grey tristesse of the German metal scene, and currently the prime choice of sound track to a lecture of Jack Kerouac or at least Charles Bukowski”

– Andreas Schiffmann/Rock Hard (D)/Legacy (D)

“This happens to be the new progressive death metal and there is nothing wrong with that.”

Vera Matthijssens/Lords Of Metal (NL)

“Steorrah return in full force after a three year hibernation with ‘The Altstadt Abyss.’ This third album builds on the solid progressive death metal foundation already in place by adding more twists and turns and even more melody. Where Opeth got softer by adding more melody, Steorrah are still heavy as fuck and as unpredictable as ever. What if Edge of Sanity jammed with Vulture Industries? Wonder no more.”

Rob Pociluk/Progressivemusicplanet