THIN WHITE PAINT is Steorrah’s sophomore studio album. Nicolao Dos Santos produced the recording, while Michael Haas engineered and mixed it at Big Easy Studio. Further, the band was happy to obtain the services of Swedish producer legend Dan Swanö who mastered the album at Unisound, giving the album that beloved northern edge.

Back in 2012 Steorrah were one of the first metal bands to launch a campaign to crowdfund the album. A complete longshot, without a marketing budget or any media firepower. Since luck favours the bold, the fanbase financed the album. Sure enough, the crowdfunding platform cocked up and went bankrupt, leaving the band to foot the bill. The fans received their album packages nonetheless and the global metal scene came to the rescue, emptying Steorrah’s merchandise shelves in an instant and ultimately the Wacken Foundation sent in the cavalry to save the day. In the meantime, Till Ottinger had left the band and was replaced by Raoul Zillani who had already seen the band play their first ever shows in the Rhineland.

On the back of II: THIN WHITE PAINT Steorrah were able to play more and more shows in cities all over Germany and abroad, too. Festival shows like Rockaue Open Air, Trafostation61 or Winter Metal Attack in Prague were among the highlights, as well as a brief UK tour, a show on board Hamburg’s MS Stubnitz and gigs in Berlin, Düsseldorf or Freiburg.

Andreas März | lead vocals | electric & acoustic guitars | e-bow | stylophone
Nicolao Dos Santos | electric & classical guitars | backing vocals
Till Ottinger| electric bass | fretless acoustic bass
Christian Schmidt | drums | piano

Michael “Fry” Haas | additional backing vocals

What the media says:

“This is a band full of confidence, full of style and full of great ideas. The album is a dazzling pool of fantastic musical textures to truly get immersed in. Beautifully written and beautifully produced, this is a fantastic piece of work“

Paul Carter / Zero Tolerance Magazine (UK)

“Like a powerful plough through the deep mire of despair”

Brutus, Deaf Forever Magazine (D)

“A clear thumbs up for this nostalgic group with the prospect of a future in which they may gain genre defining character.”

Legacy Magazine (D)

“A true cornucopia of emotions, musical cabinet pieces and
rhythmical extravaganza.“

Rock Hard Magazine (D)

“A real journey through the band’s world built and offered to the listener with the utmost professionalism, a Progressive Death Metal journey.“

Pest Webzine

“A sure sign of maturity is detected in acknowledging the roots of metal as well as other highly regarded genres, for STEORRAH gave a real-life demonstration how the Jazz can actually be the cherry on the Metal pie.“


“The album sounds fantastic. And it is for sure – heavy, organic and warm.“


“A truly musical challenge we can recommend to every adventurous metal fan.”


“If you’re looking for strong progressive death metal that takes a nod to the classics, then this record will definitely put an inky black smile on your face.“


“A rewarding album that manages not to lose its emotional impact
in its detailed songwriting.”

Dayal Patterson, Metal Hammer/Cult Never Dies/ Record Collector