Steorrah [ˈsteoɹɹa] noun, m.
Old English Star.

Ask five people what makes a metal band ”progressive“ and you will get six answers. At least.
While said term is being stretched more and more by a scene obsessed with profiling amps rather than actually writing and performing music or, respectively, a smug rehashing of the seventies and recording exclusively on wax cylinders, all Steorrah care about, is to carve out their niche in progressive death metal and have the proverbial cuppa tea. It’s what comes out when musicians with a past in performing jazz, classical music, prog rock and black metal team up and rethink their record collections. With those containing traditional Indian and Brazilian Music, as well as Pink Floyd, Penderecki, Darkthrone, Chopin, Ephel Duath or Tom Waits, things may well get even more interesting.

Steorrah’s trail leads way back to the late nineties, when guitarist Andreas März starts his first metal band, together with drummer Christian Schmidt. In the Sturm und Drang of Siegen’s local scene, the band burns our faster than you can say “youthful madness”. Fast forward ten years, when März returns to Northrhine-Westphalia after a longer stint in London’s metal industry and decides together with Schmidt to give the band another go. The two quickly start writing new material and rcording it with Maerz’s old school friend Malte Klein in his home studio. In the process, guitarist Nicolao Dos Santos and bassist Till Ottinger join the band. The release of the debut album “An Eroticism In Murder” in October 2010 is celebrated with a showcase in Cologne’s Bogen 2 venue and earns the band rave reviews in the metal media, festival gigs throughout Germany and airplay in the US, Argentina and throughout Europe.

In 2015 II: Thin White Paint, the Rhenish outfit‘s sophomore album is mixed by the band’s now confidante producer Michael Haas and mastered by legendary Swedish sound wizard Dan Swanö having been one of the first attempts by a German metal band to crowdfund an album. Upon a successful campaign the crowdfunding platform Sellaband scandalously tanks, leaving dozens of international artists to foot the bill. Thanks to an overwhelming response from fans worldwide and the generous help from the mighty Wacken Foundation, Steorrah are able to turn this fubar into a good place to work from. The album is widely credited in the metal media for its artistic merits and the combination of intricate songwriting and thoughtful lyricism. The album also takes the band abroad for the first time, headlining Winter Metal Assault in Prague and touring through England, among a number of domestic shows in Germany. September of 2016 also sees the release of Nocturnal Emission, an atmospheric live recording at Freiburg’s Slow Club. After playing Open Airs at Rockaue and Trafostation61, as well as more intimate shows in Berlin on Halloween and Hamburg’s Full Metal Ship and most notably at the HardWired Metal Conference at the University of Siegen, Steorrah headed back to Big Easy Studio, to put the finishing touches to what was to be the new album. The Altstadt Abyss was released in November 2018 via Fastball Music and earned the band broader media responses and more live shows. Go to our album pages to check out our work and kindly purchase them from our Bandcamp site.

Andreas März – Vocals, Guitars

Christian Schmidt – Drums, Piano

Nicolao Dos Santos – Guitars, Vocals

Raoul Zillani – Bass Guitars, Vocals